Here's for a positive 2014

While business conditions are still flat it enables business to reflect on not only the future but how the current business model will stand up. To do nothing is not an option.
Having been through a number of low economic points throughout my career one needs to learn to adapt or die. All aspects of the business needs to be put under the microscope, there must be no "sacred cows" and if anybody says (as a justification for staying with the status quo) "we have always done it this way", my advice is to remove that person immediately as it demonstrates the inability of that person to cope with change.

 Start the process with an overview, the macro reasons you are in business and redefining your vision for the business. Things do change over time, technology, people, processes, clients, market.... Importantly, the value of your business is only as much as somebody is be prepared to pay. Be prepared to ask the tough question of why you are in business.

Once you get that straight you can then go through the formalised business planning process; vision statements, Swat Analysis etc....